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As part of our core mandate to help people in the rural part of African to access quality health care, education and help reduce poverty level in Africa, I travelled to a remote village in Ghana- West Africa called Pakro -Tabankro under the Akuapim South Municipal Assembly [Eastern Region] to interact with the villagers and what caught my attention there has caused me sleepless night and despair.

I was warned the road to the village was very bad but I remember jokingly telling the Fellow my village road is even worst and I will be ok  but to my outmost surprise a journey for about thirty  minutes took me two hours to reach. The road leading to the village was very bad and gutted and upon my arrival at the nearest village I was told I had to continue the last leg of my journey on a motorcycle because drivers fear to drive their cars to the village. What quickly came into my mind was how about if they encounter an emergency like; labour and accident, were they going to get an ambulance there or how where they going to get that person to the nearest hospital ‘ . I was later told they transport sick people by a tricycle and if it rained they had to carry the individual on their back because the road becomes slippery anytime it rains and inaccessibly.


I got to the village around 2:30 pm and was taken to  the Village committee leader’s house and i briefed them on why i had travelled there and they whole -heartedly welcomed me.

It is a cottage with  houses far apart but numbering 25 homes and their main occupation is farming . There is no electricity and the only borehole they have was dug by the Chinese in 2006 prior to that they drank from the nearest stream.

As i began to settle down and became comfortably i was told i had to quickly do my investigation and leave because around 4:00 pm the whole village will be infested by blood sucking insects called black fly .I was told the village had a school that the villagers helped put up but they had to close the school because they ran out of funds and would be happy if we helped them revive the school, I was so happy because I could feel commitment and passion in the eyes of the villager s i had met.

They took me to the school building and I wept , I could not understand why a 6 unit school block with 6 unit toilet and a borehole for the school was abandoned and the children in the village numbering 70 had to travel 3 km to the nearest village to attend school. As at the time of writing this article we have started work on the school facility, the village men have volunteered to weed the whole school premises and clean the interior.

As I was about to leave the village I could see happiness , hope and joy lit up their faces replacing the poor hopeless faces I had earlier been greeted to. I left there leaving them hope the whole world has not rejected them and that hope was on the way to help ease their suffering.

They want help to revive the school, buy furniture, school textbooks, employ teachers and a solar light for the school so it will entice the school children to learn at night since they do not have electricity. They also appealed to us to help them with mosquito nets so to help prevent mosquito and other insect bites at night.

Below are images of the abandoned  school and toilet facility



We are seeking donors to help us provide them mosquito nets, restore the school block and purchase school materials to reopen the school. We will be grateful for any contribution you will send to support the cause we are undertaking. God richly bless you for having time to go through this post.Thank you.

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